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December 2002 Mule Deer

Behind the Picture
288 6/8 B&C
Points/Width: 22, 49 2/8" wide

Antler Credit:
Location: New Mexico
Date: 1962

Comments: This buck is the widest buck entered in Boone & Crocket and is #1 in the Burkett Scoring System (volume).  Has the biggest typical frame ever recorded at 246 Gross, 237 3/8 Net.  Killed by Dave Maestas (recorded as Frank Maestas).
Also Featured: Hunting Illustrated Fall 2001, 3rd from left buck in the Return of Magnificent Seven Print

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  The Mundy Buck

The antlers from the Mundy buck are truly the most magnificent you will ever find on a mule deer. One glance from any mule deer lover and instantly you are amazed at the combination of width, height, and mass making this the epitome of trophy mule deer. Just how big is this buck? The buck holds claim to the world record for the Burkett System for displacement of water with the antlers weighing 13 1/2 lbs. It also is the widest mule deer entered in the Boone and Crockett books coming in at 49 2/8 inches, has a net typical frame of 237 inches and 51 3/8 inches of non-typical points. Add all of this up and it gives you a final score of 288 6/8 B&C and ranking #31 all time.

However, the story behind the Mundy buck is interesting in its own right. According to Bill Mundy, owner of the Mundy Ranch in New Mexico, this buck was harvested by Frank Maestas from Albuquerque in 1962. Frank was operating some heavy equipment for Bill on the ranch and doing a good job. To compensate Frank for his fine work, Bill gave Frank a free hunt on the Mundy Ranch. Not only did he give him a free hunt, but told Frank where a huge buck had been hanging out. Apparently Bill’s 14-year-old son, Jim, had been in sheep camp all summer on the ranch, had seen a huge buck many times and knew of his whereabouts. However, the deal was made that if Frank did harvest this huge buck, the ranch would keep the head but Frank would get credit for it in Boone and Crockett.

The day of the hunt, Frank was given a map of where this buck was and how to get there. Within 2 1/2 hours Frank had spotted the buck just 200 yards from where Jim told him he would be. From here the rest is history. Frank harvested the buck and is the official hunter in the Boone and Crockett book while the head stayed at the Mundy Ranch according to the original deal. However, this past spring, Ed Maestas, one of Frank’s nephews, met with the current owner of the Mundy Buck (Rainbow’s End Bed and Breakfast in Challis, Idaho) and explained that the wrong uncle has his name in the record book. Frank’s brother, David, should have his name in the record book instead. Frank did not shoot the buck, but was the one who took it to be scored. David was the one who sold the antlers to Mundy for $100. The photos here are courtesy of Ed, who wanted to share them with others who would appreciate the true story and contemporary photos of the "Maestas Buck".

Contact Rainbow’s End at (208) 879-5999 or e-mail at, if you are interested in seeing this buck in person or selling a monster buck to add to its collection.

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