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Score Sheets

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Boone & Crockett
Mule Deer Typical
Mule Deer Non-typical
Pope & Young
Mule Deer Typical
Mule Deer Non-typical
Shed Antlers
Entry Guidelines
Trophy Room Photos
Mule Deer Trophy Room -----> Mule Deer

World Records

Boone & Crockett

Mule Deer Typical
Score: 226 4/8
Location: Colorado
Date: 1972
Hunter: Doug Burris, Jr.
Mule Deer Non-typical
Score: 355 2/8
Location: Alberta
Date: 1926
Hunter: Ed Broder

Pope & Young

Mule Deer Typical
Score: 203 1/8
Location: Colorado
Date: 1979
Hunter: Bill Barcus
Mule Deer Non-typical
Score: 274 7/8
Location: Colorado
Date: 1987
Hunter: Kenneth W. Plank
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Featured Story

It seemed like this was going to be the darkest day of my hunting life.  I had hit the buck of my dreams, with a supposedly lethal shot, and now I looked like we might lose him...
Buck of Justice-----> Practice Makes Perfect

Ask Mr. Mule Deer

Q. Do desert mule deer roam? How long can they go without water?
Chris Schroder - Buckeye, AZ

A. Chris, most desert deer do roam more than mountain deer. I have found bucks that travel distances of up to 10 miles in circles to feed and water. That doesn't mean that all desert bucks travel far, even in the desert some bucks have a small home range. If there is adequate feed, water, and cover close by some bucks never leave an area. Bucks can go without water a lot more than does and fawns. I have actually found areas in the desert that bucks rarely drink if ever. It's rare, but in these areas the bucks get their moisture from the plants, cactus, and grass in the area. I have personally followed bucks in areas like this to try to understand how bucks survive. I still don't know how, but they do. Generally most bucks in the desert water every two to three days, and can and do water at all times, morning, noon, and night.
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Ask Mr. Mule Deer Archive

Ask Mr. Mule Deer -----> Ask a Hunting Question

Featured Outfitter

Vaquero Outfitters

Description and Services:
Covering all of Arizona with all big game animals including varmit hunts.  We individually customize each hunt to meet your needs.  Our goal is to utilize every available resource to insure your hunt will be second to none.  Whether you are the most discriminating trophy hunter or looking for an affordable outdoor adventure, we have the ability and the experience to provide you with the highest quality hunt available today.

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